FCT UNITES- testers for functional testing of PCBA

We represent the internationally recognised firm Unites Systems a.s.in the field of FCT. The firm Unites Systems a.s. is specialized on both common FCT tasks and more complicated tasks which require development of SW and HW tools not available on the market. Unicheck tester series belong to basic systems. However, there are many customer solutions designed to the appropriate test task. If you face a problem which is not easy to solve by commercially available components, do not hesitate to contact us – we are sure to find the right solution. To gain more information and price list, please contact us at info@imtts.cz or use our contact form.

UNITES - Unicheck


Unicheck is tester designed for electric functional test of PCBA. It is able to bring a needed voltage with current limitation to the DUT, firm ware flashing, to simulate input signals, to connect dummy loads and measure DUT response on its output terminals or inside of the circuit. Thanks to its design and user friendly SW is also suitable for low volume production environment.

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