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Fixtures and testing tools of all kinds are essential for every ICT and FCT tester. Our firm offers products from a leading German company Feinmetall. The firm has been involved in fixture production and contact probes production for more than 30 years. The firm has been established vendor for majority multinational companies as well as local small and middle firms. The proven high quality of Feinmetall products is enriched by our own know-how. Our firm can offer you a complex service including consultation and advising in the field of DFT, fixture design, test program generation and even fixture production in Feinmetall production facility in Herrenberg, Germany. To gain more information and price list, please contact us at info@imtts.cz or use our contact form.

Manuální fixtury

Manually pressed fixtures

The offer of Manually pressed fixtures includes types ranging from simple jigs to sophisticated fixtures suitable for mass productions.

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Vakuové fixtury

Vacuum pressed fixtures

The offer of Vacuum pressed fixtures involves both universal models and models dedicated to ICT platforms of the most known brands such as Teradyne, Agilent, Spea, Aeroflex etc.

Detailed offer of fixtures..

Special fixtures

If you require a totally unique application not based on a serially produced fixture, we offer our special fixtures as well as the possibility to generate production of unique customer solution.

Detailed offer of fixtures..

Náhradní díly a doplňky

Spare parts and accessories

If you need to repair your current fixture or you are looking for some interesting accessories in the field of fixtures,see our offer.