We offer the highest quality know how in the field of services connected to SMT testing technologies. We are able to offer complex selection of production process analyses as well as ICT, FCT and Flying Probe testing technologies. If you face a problem not listed bellow, do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to find a solution to your problem. Please, send your questions to info@imtts.cz or use our contact form.

Analysis and optimization of screen print process

As it is generally known, more than a half of qualitative problems in the SMT process appears at the first stage of the process – more specifically at the screen print process. As a consequence, it has become absolutely necessary to understand the process of screen print to eliminate manufacturing defects. Using high tech SPI Koh Young technology we are able to gain an absolutely clear image of the process. We offer the possibility to use an ad hoc analysis of the production process. We are able to bring and install SPI tester into your production facility to make the analysis of your production. Based on the obtained data we are able to make recommendations for your screen print settings, appropriate solder paste choice, stencil clean frequency etc.

ICT test program generation

We offer ICT test program generation especially for the testers by Teradyne, Genrad and Agilent HP30xx producers. We are able to offer you immediate price calculations and delivery time based on CAD data and BOM.

ICT fixture design

We offer complex ICT fixture design used on the testers by Teradyne, Genrad and Agilent producers. We are able to offer the service within the pack with the test program.

ICT fixtures production and debug

We offer ICT fixture production based on both our test program generated by us and your own test program generated by you. Our exclusive partner for fixture production, Feinmetall is one of the top world fixture producers. We are able to debug the finished fixture at your facility and make it ready for the immediate implementation to your production.

FCT test program generation

We offer a complete analysis of FCT issue for your products. We are able to help you with HW design and we are able to develop and produce possible additional HW accessories . Implementation of HW into your current testing system is covered. We are able to design complex test programs in various development environments like Lab View, Vee, C#, Delphi etc.

Flying Probe test program generation

We offer Flying Probe test program generation for Takaya machines. We are able to generate the programs based on both CAD data and without them. We are able to debug the test programs as well as make them ready for production.

Components test

We offer test applications development for semiconductor device tests running on UNIMET a M3000/3010/3020 series. The applications consist of definition of test parameters and generation of test program included fixture HW. Development includes debugging, correlation and test optimization to achieve maximal test repeatability. Documentation involving test method descriptions including measurement results of the examined samples is part of each application. As the parametric testing is considered to be one of the most reliable methods of revealing counterfeit components it has been widely used in aerospace, defence and automotive industries.